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In my 2nd anniversary(birthday) my father, experienced fisherman, offered me my 1st stick. It is at this magic moment when the passion was born in me and it, well before that I am capable of mastering techniques. As from this day, the word "SIN" is for me synonym for love for the fish, the water and the nature, for strolls but also for serenity, Knowledge and satisfaction. During my multiple exits(releases) and parts(parties) of peach(fishing), I learnt to discover and to appreciate the so varied environment and give a complex which(who) surrounds us as well as the beauties and the treasures of my region. To professionalize me, I integrated(joined) the training(formation) BPJEPS " instructor(monitor), guide of peach(fishing) ". This diploma asks for a total involvement(implication) in all the domains and I am now capable of introducing the amateurs, of helping in the perfection of the diverse techniques and of driving(guiding) a group. This profession allows me to share my passion and to pass on the values Bound(Connected) to the peach(fishing) in particular the respect for the nature and for its ecosystem. Integrating(joining) an ethics citizen, I practise this sport in a logic of local and environmental tourist development.

I shall make you feel this privilege that my passion became my profession. While making you share my secrets and my guiles I shall become known to you the magic of the pêche.

Remember of my father

1980 a salmon of Allier , (fisherman from father to son).


Even small the opère. magic  

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